Rise Resolute Podcast

Adriauna: Remember the mission.

July 11, 2023 Gina Meyer, DPT Season 5 Episode 9
Rise Resolute Podcast
Adriauna: Remember the mission.
Show Notes

Connect and Rise with Adriauna Davis, Founder and  Executive Director of The Harmonie Grace Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at empowering and supporting families of at-risk infants to inspire hope and serve those affected by preterm pregnancy and infant mortality.  You will be be inspired by Adriauna’s story and her desire to take what she learned from a  very difficult time in her life and use it to serve others. She reminds us that boldness builds confidence, to connect  with yourself and acknowledge your strengths and your weaknesses, and that you honor yourself and  others by sharing your authentic story. As you go through difficult times, remember  the mission. Remember your why and don’t stop there. 

More information on The Harmonie Grace Foundation: 

Website: www.harmoniegracefoundation.org
Email: admin@harmoniegracefoundation.org
Cashapp: $HGBFoundation
PayPal: theharmoniegracefoundation@gmail.com
Checks and money orders accepted also!